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Founded in March 2006, with the objective of representing the commercialization of guaraná syrup in Belo Horizonte, our company observed a change in the habits of Minas Gerais consumers, who started to seek an improvement in the quality of life and food. Analyzing the market and seeking to better serve our customers, we see the opportunity to enter the açaí distribution business, today the company's “flagship” product. Attentive to the quality of our deliveries and the satisfaction of our customers, we provide natural products with medicinal properties for the body. Following the healthier product line, we have incorporated frozen fruits, granola and powdered milk into our grid.


Bring energy and health to people through natural products!


To be one of the main distributors of natural products in the national market and gain notoriety in the international market, obtaining total customer satisfaction with the quality of our services and products. 


Develop and grow through honest relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and the local community.




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